2017 WIP's

In a bid to reduce my never-ending Master WIP list, I am taking a few projects and making them my focus.  These are the projects/goals from my main list I hope to complete or achieve this year:

Cross Stitch

1.  Finish Happi Sampler:

Kit by Dimensions, I've been working on this since 2013 quite near the end so should be able to complete this in 2017.

2.  Start and Finish Woodland Sampler:

(new start)

Once Happi Sampler is finished this sampler will replace it in my rotation.

3.  Finish Dolphins:

(Currently on page seven out of fifteen)

I have been working on this project for a number of years and with only nine pages left I should be able to complete it or at least get close in 2017.

4.  Finish Fractal Bookmark 268:

(currently on page three out of six)

I have a number of fractal bookmarks not only started but in my pattern collection.  This is the first I started and again I have been working on it for a number of years.  I only have four pages left I would love to finish it this year.

5.  Finish Thomas:

I am almost halfway and therefore this should not take long to complete.


1.  Finish Circle to Square Blanket:

(the completed blanket will be made up of 144 squares.  I have currently completed 32/144 squares)

This is building up really quickly, as my first large crochet project I should be able to get this done in 2017.

2.  Start Christmas Giant Granny Square:

(new start)

Once the circle to square blanket is done I will replace it with my idea for a giant granny square blanket in Christmas colours.


1.  Make progress on First Quilt

(no photo available as of yet)

Over ten years ago I started my first quilt and I never completed it.  This year I would like to have made some progress on it.

I think this list is challenging without being overwhelming, but I will make an effort to be more laid back this year and as long as I make progress on these projects I will be happy.

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