Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WIPPING It Wednesday #1

So I've decided to share WIP progress every Wednesday.

Cross Stitch

This week I've been working on page two of HAED Autumn Owl Trio, it's not that exciting yet I've just added another 800 stitches of 722 !!!!!

I've also been working on some secret stitching which I can't share on here but if you follow me on Instagram (@stitchydondesigns), you can see my progress there. I also have a small finish that I'll share on Friday.

Alternative Craft

Every week this year I'm trying to work on a craft that is either new or rare to me. After the rug I did for Christmas I decided to pull out an old latch hook kit. I bought this one about eight years ago when an old Hobbycraft went out of business (we have a new one now). Everything was being sold at half price and I had always wanted to try latch hook so I picked up a kit. The only problem was by the time I decided to get one all the good kits were gone so I got one with flip flops on. It's a small kit but I made good progress on it ...


As part of my 2015 stitching aims I wanted to work on my Sew and Stitch magazine quilt again (Here is a linkto the beginning of the project). I've completed another part this week ...

This square was really easy and just involved hand stitched appliqué and a little kantha embroidery which was just made up of a line of running stitches echoing the shape of the starfish.

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!

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  1. Lovely WIPs!! The star patch looks cute!

  2. Nice crafting this week. At least your HAED will be growing quickly!