Tuesday, 4 November 2014

An Itty Bitty Finish !!!

I've finished Itty Bitty Pumpkin, the day after Halloween !!!! It was a quick stitch and I have got much quicker at stitching over one.

I have also made a new start, HAED Autumn Owl Trio, the first page is 7890 stitches of dmc 722 !!!! Perfect mindless sewing !! I am stitching on hand dyed fabric by Jodyri Designs. The fabric is 25 count and is called Turning Leaves. This is my first time ordering from her and I'm really impressed, the fabric is lovely.

I have also been doing some knitting. I have always been able to basic knit but this is my first time doing any sort of pattern and it turned out quite well if I say so myself. Instead of using stuffing I finally used up some of my orts that I have been collecting for a couple of years ...

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!

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  1. Your knitting turned out great Donna. That is a lot of orange. I think I would have just used an orange piece of fabric.


  2. Cute little finish.Looking forward to your new start:)

  3. Your little sheep is sooooo cute!!!!! I love it :D
    Great diddy pumpkin too