Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Finish, Some Progress and more Nancy Giveaways !!!

I've finished another little Hobbycraft kit that I keep in my handbag to pull out and work on whenever I can. I LOVE meerkats so I had to have this one when I saw it !!!!

I am making slow progress on my soluble butterfly project. I am liking learning something new by using the soluble material but the project isn't that enjoyable to stitch. I am finding it difficult to get the threads in the same holes as the fabric underneath is quite thick but I don't want gaps !!! It is nice to stitch with the bright colours and I am in no rush to finish this one I just work on it when I feel like it ...

I am also halfway through the first page of HAED Autumn Owl Trio. The first page is only dmc 722 ( I've already gone through one whole skein !!!!!) but I still love it. Instead of working left to right like I normally do I am going to work the pages top to bottom so that I get some variety in the stitching ...

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!

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  1. Cute finish Donna. I sure wish I could get those little kits in the states. Nice progress on your other projects.


    1. Ah thanks x I didn't know they weren't available in America, it's a shame they are perfect in between projects !!

  2. The Meerkat finish is absolutely gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how much detail can be packed into a 20 x 30 stitches design?
    Your start on Autumn Owl Trio is very... orange! It's a good job you don't mind hours of mindless stitching in the same colour!! :)

  3. Ah thanks, Autumn owl is a perfect evening no thinking project but I can't wait for some more colour in the next page !!