Monday, 20 October 2014

A Productive Week !!!!!!

Wow, this week has been exhausting!  I have worked some long, hard hours in work but I have still been able to make a lot of progress.  Mostly because all I have done is work, stitch for an hour and sleep !!!  First off I finished a little quickie I bought the other day to work on when I was visiting my sister.  This is called Sheep with Red Scarf (inspiring name right ?!?!?).  This was a small from my local Hobbycraft that is next door to where I work.  The little design was cute but I didn't have enough thread to finish (a recurrent theme this year in my stitching) so I bought a second one to complete it ...

The next finish I had was Arbre Automne, a freebie from the Jardin Prive website.  I cannot describe how much I enjoyed stitching this design.  I just loved everything about it, from the colours to the cute squirrel !!! I think it went nicely with my choice of fabric to and I intend to stitch the other three seasons to match.  I was so excited the photo was taken straight off the hoop, sorry ...

I also have finished the cross stitching on my owl project but you only get a partial pic of that because next time will be a completion.

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!