Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Long Time No Blog !!!

No excuses, I've been in a real funk. My new promotion has not been working out very well and I have been feeling really rough lately. My cross stitch has been the thing to suffer the most, I didn't touch a needle from my last post till this week.

In order to get me out of my stitching doldrums I decided to pick out a new start. I still wanted to stay within the parameters of stitch from stash (which I have still been participating in). Therefore rather than just buying a kit I decided to download a pattern from etsy and use fabric and threads from stash. I chose this owl pattern designed by threadsandthings1. It's a nice simple but cute pattern which is a perfect project for what I need at the moment. I chose some nice Crafty Kitten hand dyed fabric from my vast stash and picked out the dmc threads I needed. It's going ok so far, I'm just doing a little 1/2 hr each day in the hopes I will get into it and want to do more. I am also going to blog more frequently as I think that may enhance my motivation. Anyway enough blathering, you want pictures ...

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!

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  1. Great new start Donna. Don't give up on stitching.