Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Finish and More Legendary !!!

It's been a while but work has gotten very busy at the moment. After all the stress of the last few weeks I have actually had some good news. I am being promoted, which is fantastic but will mean less stitching time. However I will be getting more money which means more stitchy spending haha !!!

In terms of my stitching I have a finish. I finished Woodland Sampler that I showed in my last update. It has some lovely charms on it. However, these were a pain to get. The magazine was quite new but the charms weren't available in lots of shops. I did manage to get them in the end. The pattern was extremely easy to follow and there were no corrections to be made. It was my first design completely stitched in anchor threads. I didn't see any great difference between them and my normal DMC, although I did think they were a bit shinier ...

I've also done some more work on legendary and have finished the lettering. All it needs now is a border ...

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

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  1. Congrats on the cute finish Donna and nice progress on the other one.


  2. Lovely finish! The white and gold look great on the red.

  3. Beautiful finish! I love the colors :D

  4. Lovely stitching and congratulations on your promotion!

  5. Congratulations all round for your promotion and for your beautiful finish. As long as you get something more involving stitching it's all good right. Good luck with it all stunner
    xo Alicia