Friday, 30 May 2014

Some Actual Cross Stitching !!!

Everyone's been really nice about my sew and stitch project but I think it's long overdue that I update on my current cross stitch WIPs !!! After all cross stitch is my main hobby !!!

I won't make my dolphin aims for the month but I have two weeks off from work coming up so should be able to carry it over to next month.
I am about to finish page five which is the final page in the top row ...

I have also been working on a WIP that I started last year. This is a project from New Stitches magazine that I started in December last year. I put it too one side but when I ran out of threads the other day rather then buy new (how good am I haha) I pulled this one out to work on. It looks like I'm quite near a finish but it wasn't until I started the central motifs that I realised I had done the complete border in just two strands when the pattern called for three (if only I read the pattern before haha). Never mind, all the motifs are correct and I have been slowly frogging the border as you can see (I had completed the whole border before I realised). I love the Nordic feel of this design even if it does felt strange to be stitching winter scenes during springtime !!! This is being stitched on 14 count red aida with white anchor stranded cotton. Three threads over one.

There are some charms to go in the gaps. Last but not least is a little personal project. One of my favourite shows recently ended and as a fan I wanted to do something to commentate it so I took one of the famous sayings from the show and put it in cross stitch. I designed it myself using MacStitch. So here it is so far, I call it my Legendary project to celebrate How I Met Your Mother ending ...

Fans' know what the second half will say. It just needs the letters dary and a border and it will be complete. I am stitching it on 22count Oslo hand dyed by The Crafty Kitten and I am using Dinky Dyes Silk #44 Pacific Sunshine. I am stitching two over one.

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!

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  1. Great stitching, and great designing! :D

  2. It all looks fantastic. Lucky you having 2 weeks leave coming up. My next break isn't till December! Enjoy it.
    xo Alicia