Monday, 28 April 2014

Stitch from Stash: April Edition (EPIC fail) and Firework Progress !!!

Well four months into Stitch from Stash and I've had to use a free month. I am a little disappointed as I really wanted to stick to it. The only reason was that I've had a rotten time in work recently and I used retail therapy to get over it. I bought threads for my firework project, some hand dyed fabric, one silk thread and three magazines, all of which put me well over budget (approx. £40).

Never mind I WILL do better next month !!!! I will need a couple of threads for projects but I'm hoping that's all I will spend.

On to Stitchy progress ...

Fireworks is getting closer to completion. I have had some lovely comments about this one, which have really spurred me on ...

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!

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  1. I'm another on their 'free month' this month. Back to it next month!

  2. Great stitching progress! Don't worry about being over-budget - you have a free month! We all need a little therapy when we're stressed :D

  3. Lovely progress Donna.


  4. Oh well, if it makes you happy then it was a good reason to bust out. I hope you are ok now. Fireworks (how appropriate to be working on this one at this time) is coming along really well.
    Alicia xo