Thursday, 6 March 2014

Dolphinny Goodness !!!!

Making good progress on Dolphins, I didn't achieve my goal of a page and two rows finished but I feel confident I can catch up this month as I really want to stitch to my schedule to complete it this year. So my aim for this month is another page and two rows on this project and then pick another project from CJC to work on till the end of the month ...

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!

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  1. It's coming along really nicely, well done!

  2. I love dolphin charts. Is this a kit? I think I have it in my stash. Looking forward to more of this gorgeous lil fella and his mates.
    Alicia xo

  3. Thanks, no it's not a kit. It's a chart I bought from ebay several years ago.I just love dolphins and it's nice they are starting to appear now.