Tuesday, 25 February 2014

February Stitch from Stash Report !!!!

Can't believe a month has gone already.  I've just about stuck to budget this month.  I am enjoying this challenge as it's really making me think about what I spend and what I really want rather than just buying on impulse.

Stitch from Stash Statistics :

Money available for Feb:  £17.35 (including £2.35 remaining from January)

Spent -

Secret Project:  £4.99
Threads for Dolphin Project:  £6.72
Sewing Books from Charity Shop:  £3.98

Total Spent:  £15.69 or 26.29 USD
Total Remaining for Next Month:  £1.69 or 2.82 USD

We also had an exemption weekend during this month in which we had an extra 100 USD, approx. £60 to spent.  This wasn't allowed to be included in regular budget or carried over.  It was use it or lose it.  I took the opportunity to buy some threads for my secret project, some needles and two q snap frames.  Frames and needles are supposed to be exempt from this challenge but for me I want to be accountable for everything I spend, so I am including it in my budget else I would just satisfy my spending itch by buying lots of needles and frames and I wouldn't be saving anything.  I also bought my usual Crafty Kitten Threads of the Month and the tortoise kit (which I also got a small frame for and some needles) that I showed in my last post.

The Crafty Kitten Spend:  £24.25
Threads for Secret Project:  £1.72
Needles:  £7.90
Tortoise Kit and Accessories:  £4.71
Total Exemption Spend:  £38.58

All in all it's been a good month and I've made lots of progress.  I finished my secret project, completed a small mouse loft kit, worked on my Dolphin WIP and worked on my Lanarte Butterfly from my 2014 Crazy January Challenge.

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!

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