Sunday, 24 November 2013

Be Warm in Your Heart finished !!!

You can tell I'm procrastinating over my linen butterfly project because instead of showing another butterfly finish I've sat today and finished off Be Warm in Your Heart !!! This was a cute, nice and easy design to stitch up. I used beads for the eyes and there was an option to add a button to the hat which I did but it does cover up the heart on the hat !!!

On Wednesday evening my mother and I went to our local Hobbycraft (a craft chain in the UK). We had see. An advert in a magazine for a wreath making class. It was only an hour but we had a lot of fun. We both choose twig wreaths to work with. Mine is the first one and my mothers is the second ...

Must do at least a couple of hours with the dreaded linen threads tonight !!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!

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  1. Both wreaths are adorable and congrats on the finish.


  2. Very cute Snowman design! Lovely job. The wreaths came out awesome too. Glad you had a good time in the class. :-)

  3. Lovely finish on your cross stitch! Well done :)

  4. Lovely projects!