Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October Aims and Dressmaker Progress !!!!!

Well I'm not going to write about the lack of progress on my September aims because after the disaster with Literate Dragon I didn't stitch on any of my aims.  I did make progress on Victorian Dressmaker and I've done a lot this weekend.   The dressmaker has now started work on her project,a beautiful pink and green dress !!!!! (Not sure I would wear it though !!!!!!) ...


I am not going to stop making aims and here are my ones for October:

1.  Finish Victorian Dressmaker
2.  Complete Heart of my Heart by Abi Gurben
3.  Start working on Linen Butterflies Section Two
4.  Secret Project on Glow in the Dark fabric 

Fingers crossed that I don't rip the stitching on any of these projects and that I get near to achieving them haha !!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!



  1. More great progress Donna. I really like this design.


  2. Nice stitching and good luck with your goals :)