Monday, 28 October 2013

Victorian Dressmaker Saga !!!!

So I promised I had a long update with Victorian Dressmaker and here it is. In my last update pick I told you I was near completion on it and that was true but I had another disaster. When writing my aims for October I jokingly put the following comment at the end of my post ... “Fingers crossed that I don’t rip the stitching on any of these projects !!!” ... After what I did to Literate Dragon I was really upset but I couldn’t believe it would happen again. You can imagine my upset when being sooo close to a finish I noticed a mistake in the dress which threw the whole table leg to the left out. Well I know some people wouldn’t have bothered to alter it but it would bother me so I unpicked it. I was trying to be careful after Literate but when I went to resew the table leg I noticed I had cut a thread of the pink fabric. I was really upset (even cried), but after putting it to one side I managed to come up with an idea to fix both it and my sanity !!!! I am quite proud of myself so I thought I would share what I did (and some non-professional photos) ...

Firstly I unpicked the table leg and dress around the cut thread and then I unpicked the fabric threads so I had lengths of thread to work with ...

Then I pulled a fabric thread from the edge of the fabric and weaved it where the missed thread was. I then tied the new thread to the ends of the torn one ...

I secured the threads in the back of the dress and table leg and the fabric was almost as good as new. You can see the back of the knot slightly on the right side of the fabric but it is completely covered with stitches so that isn’t a problem. I’m really pleased with how the fix turned out and I have know been able to finish the whole project.

The beads were a nightmare to get on as the pattern called to attach them through the middle of the crosses which was a pain !!! However they look amazing and I am so pleased with the final result !!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

An Unexpected Finish !!!!!!!!

Well I was expecting to have shared a picture of a finish on Victorian Dressmaker by now but I've have had all sorts of problems with it and I haven't finished it yet.  I have managed to sort everything now though so it won't be too long.

So to compensate for that I made some progress on another Crazy January Challenge.  This design is called Heart of my Heart and was a freebie designed by Abi Gurden from The Stitch Specialists yahoo group.  Having made a lot of holes in fabric when I didn't want lately I more than a bit nervous about the Hardanger involved in this design but it went really well as did the other speciality stitches.  I am getting more and more comfortable with speciality work now.  I stitched this design on a random piece of 28 count evenweave I found in a Polstitches grab bag that I have had for a while.  I really didn't know what to do with this piece of fabric but it suited this design perfectly.  I used Polstitches thread, The Crafty Kitten threads and DMC Perle threads in varying shades of pink with matching Mill Hill beads.  Considering I don't often choose my own colours for projects I am quite pleased with my combination that I choose.  Here is the final result ...

I have also made a start of my Halloween project for this year.  It's a small freebie that I got from the internet last year.  It's a simple design but I'm stitching it on my glow on the dark fabric I got in September.  Here's what it will look like finished ...

And here's my progress ...


 Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nearing a Finish ...

I've had a day off today and spent most of it working really hard on Victorian Dressmaker.  The dressmaker has finished her dress !!!!!  I just need to finish off the legs of the mannequin and add some curtains to the side and the cross stitching will be complete. There is quite a lot of back stitching and a little beading but I still think I should have a finish in a couple of days, especially as I have Tuesday off as well this week and I always seem to make most progress when I'm nearing a finish (don't you hate it when that work word gets in the way of what's really important!!!!) ...

 Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October Aims and Dressmaker Progress !!!!!

Well I'm not going to write about the lack of progress on my September aims because after the disaster with Literate Dragon I didn't stitch on any of my aims.  I did make progress on Victorian Dressmaker and I've done a lot this weekend.   The dressmaker has now started work on her project,a beautiful pink and green dress !!!!! (Not sure I would wear it though !!!!!!) ...


I am not going to stop making aims and here are my ones for October:

1.  Finish Victorian Dressmaker
2.  Complete Heart of my Heart by Abi Gurben
3.  Start working on Linen Butterflies Section Two
4.  Secret Project on Glow in the Dark fabric 

Fingers crossed that I don't rip the stitching on any of these projects and that I get near to achieving them haha !!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!