Friday, 6 September 2013

Progress on Victorian Dressmaker !!!!

After reading all your brilliant advice on what to do with Literate Dragon I have decided to put it to one side until I work out what to do with it.  Because I have only done half a page I am leaning towards a restart but I will see how I feel.  After a couple of days off from stitching I decided to look at my remaining Crazy January Projects and pick the one that I was most excited about to start.  My favourite project I had left was Victorian Dressmaker, a design from an old Cross Stitch magazine I had.  Here is a picture of the finished project and where I left off from it on day 5 of my CJC ....


And here is where I am now ...

I am feeling much happier about my sewing now, this project is lovely and will stitch up very quickly !!!

To cheer me up my mum bought me the little sewing gifts in the photo, a 'cute as a button' button and a button coaster, how cool is that !!!  It is too nice for me to use yet though, haha !!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!


  1. Lovely progress on the stitching & love the button goodies!!! So cute!

    1. Thank you, it feels good to be stitching again !!!!

  2. That's such a cute project! I ADORE the button coaster... where did your mom get it?

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  4. Thanks, the button was from a local button shop that we have on the Plymouth Barbican. It's called Funky Poppy and they have a website here is the address ...

  5. Cute design Donna and you have made great progress.


  6. Wow. Such a beautiful design:)

  7. She is coming along beautifully! Love the buttons especially the coaster, too cool.
    Alicia xo

  8. Such a lovely design,great progress,it is going to super when it is finished.