Sunday, 1 September 2013

Halfway !!!!! Happy Dance !!!!!

I've finally reached halfway on the first page !!!!!  It's been tough as the last three weeks I have been working loads and loads but now I am back to my normal hours so hopefully I should have some more stitching time. On the first of August I made some aims for the month, so lets see how I got on !!!

1.  Finish the first page of Literate Dragon SAL :  didn't complete it but have really struggled with it so am just glad I have made some progress and that I am still motivated and enjoying it !!!!!

2.  Make a start on Around the World in Eighty Stitches Part Eleven:  didn't touch this piece all month

3.  Finish page four of Dolphin design:  achieved and another crazy challenge done !!!

4.  Blog more often:  this has probably been my worse blogging month except from when my mum was ill, MUST DO BETTER

Overall I am glad I started making aims again because although I didn't achieve most of them it still kept me going and I probably wouldn't have made as much progress if I hadn't made them.  Therefore I am making more aims for September ...

September Aims :

1.  Finish page one of Literate Dragon
2.  Complete part eleven of Around the World in Eighty Stitches
3.  BLOG MORE OFTEN hahaha
4.  Finish organising my bead stash as I have got a cool new way of organising them that I will share when I have finished

Fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!!

And here's my latest update on Literate Dragon.  Although I have had my issues, I do love this project, my main complaint is probably the same as every stitcher - I just want to complete it and see his cute face !!!!!!!!  Nevermind, I am halfway on this first page and in somewhat of a rhythm with it ...

His glasses and eyes are just starting to emerge !!!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!

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  1. Dragon looks amazing. Well done on your half page finish. I too want to try for the first page finish on this in Sept but I only have one half row done :S will give it a go and see what happens.