Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Special Day Out !!!! (stash pic heavy !!!!!)

I had sooo much fun this Friday.  I managed to get tickets for a crafting and sewing exhibition in Exeter. Creative Stitches is held every year in the Westpoint Arena.  I first went two years ago and loved it but bought so many projects I couldn't really justify going last year.  I jumped at the chance to go this year though !!!!   They have so many stalls of vendors and exhibitors it is a little overwhelming.  It is a little tough for me as I find crowds a struggle and it attracts a tremendous amount of people.  I got some really good stuff though and mostly stuck to my self inflicted promise of buying no projects but only other stitchy stash !!!!

One of the exhibitors was called Alison Murray and she had created these amazing textile books, one based on the seasons and one based on myths and legends.  Despite the size apparently the pages were able to be moved ...










There were also exhibits on handbags and hats and a selection of costumes from the film version of Les Miserables.

Well I said I bought a lot so here goes hahaha...

Silk and perle thread from RSN graduate Sophie Long's exhibit

 A bargain pack of random DMC threads that worked out 25p a skein 

This is the only project I bought, a beaded needle case kit from Spellbound.  Having looked at the pattern it looks really complicated so I am going to wait a while before I start it 

Some new cute scissors (like I haven't got enough !!!!!!)

These are grab bags of Evenweave fabric (although having opened them there are a couple of pieces of higher count Aida).  Last time I went I only bought one and I regretted it as there was so much fabric in the bag and if you bought three packs it worked out cheaper per bag.  It's hard to tell in the photo but there is some sparkly fabric, lots of coloured Evenweave and some black (which I've been wanted to use again) ...
And last but not least ...

Doesn't look like much does it !!! Just an ordinary piece of Evenweave !!!!  Well it's much more ... It glows in the dark !!!!!  I have used glow in the dark thread before but never seen the fabric.  I'm so excited that even though I haven't finished all my crazy January challenges yet I am going to make a new start as I just can't wait to use it.  I have the perfect halloweeny project for it that I will start towards the end of October!!!

All in all it was a lovely day, although I did feel there was a slight bias towards paper crafts even though the show is advertised as stitching and craft.  I came out sooooo inspired with lots of ideas, including a super secret one I will write about another day.

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Getting There !!!!

Making good progress now.  This is a really nice design and well charted.  I haven't found any mistakes as of yet and the colours blend really well together.  I've left a space on the table because the scissors are done in the dreaded DMC metallic, so I wanted to leave them till near the end.  There's not much of the design left now ....

 Happy Stitching Everybody !!!

Friday, 13 September 2013

More and More Table !!!!!!

I've made quite a bit of progress on Victorian Dressmaker, the table seems endless though !!!!!  It's coming along nicely though ....

 Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!!!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Progress on Victorian Dressmaker !!!!

After reading all your brilliant advice on what to do with Literate Dragon I have decided to put it to one side until I work out what to do with it.  Because I have only done half a page I am leaning towards a restart but I will see how I feel.  After a couple of days off from stitching I decided to look at my remaining Crazy January Projects and pick the one that I was most excited about to start.  My favourite project I had left was Victorian Dressmaker, a design from an old Cross Stitch magazine I had.  Here is a picture of the finished project and where I left off from it on day 5 of my CJC ....


And here is where I am now ...

I am feeling much happier about my sewing now, this project is lovely and will stitch up very quickly !!!

To cheer me up my mum bought me the little sewing gifts in the photo, a 'cute as a button' button and a button coaster, how cool is that !!!  It is too nice for me to use yet though, haha !!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!

Monday, 2 September 2013


Was unpicking a couple of mistakes earlier and have made a hole in the fabric by tugging too hard.  I'm sooooo upset I don't know what to do. I've read about patching but that just seems too difficult in such a densely stitched piece and would probably take more time to do neatly than the dreaded restart but even saying that word restart is making me cry. ARGH. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Halfway !!!!! Happy Dance !!!!!

I've finally reached halfway on the first page !!!!!  It's been tough as the last three weeks I have been working loads and loads but now I am back to my normal hours so hopefully I should have some more stitching time. On the first of August I made some aims for the month, so lets see how I got on !!!

1.  Finish the first page of Literate Dragon SAL :  didn't complete it but have really struggled with it so am just glad I have made some progress and that I am still motivated and enjoying it !!!!!

2.  Make a start on Around the World in Eighty Stitches Part Eleven:  didn't touch this piece all month

3.  Finish page four of Dolphin design:  achieved and another crazy challenge done !!!

4.  Blog more often:  this has probably been my worse blogging month except from when my mum was ill, MUST DO BETTER

Overall I am glad I started making aims again because although I didn't achieve most of them it still kept me going and I probably wouldn't have made as much progress if I hadn't made them.  Therefore I am making more aims for September ...

September Aims :

1.  Finish page one of Literate Dragon
2.  Complete part eleven of Around the World in Eighty Stitches
3.  BLOG MORE OFTEN hahaha
4.  Finish organising my bead stash as I have got a cool new way of organising them that I will share when I have finished

Fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!!

And here's my latest update on Literate Dragon.  Although I have had my issues, I do love this project, my main complaint is probably the same as every stitcher - I just want to complete it and see his cute face !!!!!!!!  Nevermind, I am halfway on this first page and in somewhat of a rhythm with it ...

His glasses and eyes are just starting to emerge !!!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!