Tuesday, 20 August 2013

More Dragon Progress and a Crazy Finish !!!!

Well I'm not going to make one of my August aims as I have to accept that I will not finish this current page of Literate Dragon by the end of August.  Nevermind, I have made progress and the whole point of me making these aims is to ensure I work on projects.  In a couple of days I will reach the halfway mark and its just looking amazing ...

 Part of the reason that I won't finish page one of Literate Dragon is because I have had to work lots the last two weeks and the week coming up to cover the holidays of some of my colleagues.  That's why Dragon progress has been slow but it has meant that I have been able to complete a page of my large dolphin design.  I have been working on this for half an hour every morning before work and it is amazing how quickly this piece builds up in comparison to Dragon.  There are large blocks of colour in this design with just small confetti sections.  Here it is completed ...


More dragon progress in a few days when I should be near the halfway mark.

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!


  1. Your making great progress:)

  2. Congrats on the finish Donna and great progress on the dragon.


  3. Hi Donna
    I'm in the same boat as you I seem to be stuck on page 1 of my SAL piece. LD looks amazing though, it's a colour fest, love it!
    The Dolphins look great too and coming along nicely. I wish I had time before work to stitch but I'm normally running around frantically trying to get to work on time LOL!
    xox Alicia

  4. beautiful stitches, great dolphins

  5. Love your projects! Gorgeous!

  6. The dolphins look so nice. What a great idea to stitch an hour before work! I never get out of bed until the last possible minute!