Sunday, 21 July 2013

Part Ten of Papillon Creations SAL Finished !!!!! And Starting Another Crazy !!!!

I have been working on two designs this week as it was just too hot to work on the complicated stitching on Papillon for too long. Part Ten of Papillon Creation SAL is now complete and looks lovely !!! There were a few different stitches to learn this time. The metallic centre is Ceylon Stitch. This was my first time doing this and I think it turned out ok. The lilac centre stitch is Amadeus stitch and the final centre stitch in shades of red is Indian Herringbone. The rest of the part is made up of lazy daisies and ray stitches except the bottom which was Pekinese stitch. I found most of the stitches ok to do, Pekinese took a couple of attempts till I got it looking ok. I have finished it without the beads so far due to the reasons I explained in my last post see here. I have now decided to replace all the beads and do them all at the end.

 Without further ado (terrible photos from my ipad, sorry !!! ) ....

 Because this is such a intense piece to work on I brought out another, easier project from my Crazy January Challenge pieces to work on.  Dolphins was the easiest project on the list because although it is a large piece it is made up of larger blocks of colour.  I only have to complete page four for CJC.  I am not focussing on this piece as I am starting HAED Literate Dragon finally today but I am going to work on it when I need a break from all the confetti or when I only have a ten minute window to stitch.  Whilst working on part ten of Papillon I managed to get approximately 700 stitches done.   Here is the piece when I last worked on it in 2012...

 And where I left it on day Thirteen of CJC ...

 And now ...

I am now going to make a start on HAED Literate Dragon (late I know !!!!) else I have no hope of a finish for this year !!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!


  1. Lovely stitching. That SAL piece is looking great. Have fun with Literate Dragon. I signed up for the HAED SAL too but haven't started mine yet either.

  2. Great progress on all your pieces Donna.


  3. Wow! Lot of progress working.
    Nice work!

  4. I love your Papillon Creations SAL piece! Looks like you have lots of ambitious projects going! Wonderful stitching!

  5. Beautiful work! Love your dolphins. They are fabulous!
    Who doesn't love Randal Spangler and his draglings!

  6. The Papillon Creation design looks amazing. You are so talented with those specialty stitches! What a beautiful dolphin you are stitching!

  7. Great progress. ATW is coming on beautifully. xx