Sunday, 26 May 2013

Two Crazy Finishes !!!! Whoop Whoop !!!!!

See what happens when you get working !!! Not one but two finishes !!!! I finally finished the third page of Fractal Bookmark 292 so that is one of my crazy January aims completed ....

Then instead of moving on to HAED Freebie Trick or Treat page one like I mentioned I was supposed to ( I am picking my crazy January projects with an online randomiser ) I decided to finish off my day three January project which was a Teresa Wentzler freebie called Hummingbird. Here is where I left it on January the third ...

And here it is completed ....

I decided to work on this because I am going on holiday in a few days and didn't feel like I could settle into a big project like the HAED. I will start that when I get home. After the events of this year my mum and I are going to take a little break to Spain for a week. I am really looking forward to it. I have packed a couple of the smaller projects from my Crazy January Challenge (Funky Fox and Sweet Spring) and I want to stitch on them when away so I might have a couple of finishes when abroad !!!!!!! If I can I will post an update, if I can find some free wifi (not sure if hotel has it).

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!
Todo el mundo feliz Costura !!!!! (Used google translate for the above to translate the English, apologies for any inaccuracies!!!)

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  1. Yay congratulations on your finishes!!! The fractal bookmark looks so effective. I love it.
    Spain - how awesome! I went 10 years ago and still remember every second vividly, which is surprising considering all the Sangria I consumed. Have a fun holiday with mum. So jealous!!!
    Alicia xo

    1. I'm hoping I'll have some memories to share when I get back !!!!! Really looking forward to going !!!

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  3. Wow amazing work. So wonderful.

  4. Your TW Hummingbird is beautiful! I stitched that one last year, too.