Wednesday, 24 April 2013

An Explanation and Update !!

Its taken me a while to build up to writing this post as I wanted to keep this blog relatively free of personal things as I don't know if people are interested in that or just sewing.  However, its been two months since I last blogged and I just wanted to give a brief explanation.  A few months ago my mother's doctor discovered a lump on her thyroid.  After an inconclusive Fine Needle Biopsy it was decided that she needed half her thyroid (and Isthmus) removed in order to discover whether the lump was malignant.  This operation occurred six weeks ago, two weeks later we got the fantastic news that the lump was benign and had no suspicion of cancer.  Although we have just discovered that she will need to take medication for the rest of her life you can imagine how delighted we are that she is OK (although she is still recovering from the op).  This has been an extremely dark time for us because we lost my Grandmother (her mother) unexpectedly only two months before this lump was discovered.

Sewing is and has always been my coping and comfort mechanism but I have just not been able to settle down to any sewing and make any real progress on any project so it seemed pointless blogging and letting you see no progress at all.  In the last couple of weeks I have started getting into a groove again, just taking it slowly but I am starting to really enjoy it again.

I hope it was ok to write the above but I wanted you to know just where I have been as although I haven't been sewing myself as much, your blogs and progress have given me happiness to look through and make me still feel part of the sewing world.  Now back to the sewing so next month I will actually have a Monday Update for you !!!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody  !!


  1. Delighted to hear everything is ok for you mother. Looking forward to stitching updates.

  2. Glad you're back, and very glad to hear your mom is going to be ok. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope things settle down for you now and you can enjoy your stitching again.

  3. I can totally understand why you lost stitching mojo and I am very happy for your mum,yourself and your family that you now are able to get on with your lives again.
    We aren't just stitchers,quilters etc we all have other lives which go along in the background and often have happiness and sadness and worry in them.None of us owes each other any explanations, but it is good to know when someone's life has taken a happier turn even if we don't know it was as struggle for a while.
    It is lovely to see your project which is very favourite colours:)
    Happy Stitching .

  4. Glad your mum is ok & you're getting back to your favourite past time :D x

  5. So glad your mum is ok although still recovering from the news. Hope you're remembering to look after yourself too. xx

  6. By the's your blog, write whatever you want to. It's nice to get to know more about the person behind the blog I think.

  7. Glad to hear that your mother is doing good and pray for a speedy recovery. Enjoy your stitching it is a great coping mechanism. Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

  8. Hey Donna,
    Sweetie it's your blog so you can write about whatever you like and as this is a big event in your life I can understand the need to share. I was wondering where you've been, so now I know.

    I'm sorry to hear it was a bad absence and not a tropical holiday or something like that. Also truly sorry to hear that you've recently lost your grandma but it's awesome news that your mum is okay.

    I too love stitching for the comfort it brings me when life is taking a downturn. I don't know what I would do without it...probably be in therapy or the pub.

    Take care stunner and I hope you have a fantastic week. Love to mum!
    Alicia xo