Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Papillon Creations Part Nine Completed!!!

I had real fun with this part. It turned out really well. I am taking a break from this for a while now and going to complete page one of Fractal 322 before attempting part ten ...

(Sorry about the really dark photo. Looked better when I took it, next post I will put a better piccy up but you get the gist!!!)

After I completed this part I took a look at the whole design and I noticed that some of the darker Mill Hill pink beads I am using had started to lose whatever coating they had on. I know I can be a little OCD but they look terrible especially when I have invested so much time and money into this project. Therefore instead of beading as I go along, I am going to only bead the lighter ones I am using and add the dark pink at the end to try and avoid this happening, as the lighter ones seem ok. I will then go back and replace the damaged ones at the end. Annoying but I think worth it as it is such a beautiful piece!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

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