Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Monthly Monday Round Up

On the last Monday of every month I am going to post an update on that months stitching and post a list of goals for the following month. I hope making mini goals will aid with the completion of my Crazy January Challenge.

This month I started the Crazy January Challenge. Here is a montage of my fifteen starts ...

I finished Oakhaven Designs 2012 SAL ...

I have also been working on Papillon Creations 2012 SAL and have made progress on part seven ...

My February Goals

1. Complete parts seven, eight and nine of Papillon Creations (this will
make me only one part behind by the end of the month)
2. I used a Random Number Generator to pick the first of my Crazy
January projects to work on. It chose number ... One... meaning I
would like to complete page one of Fractal Bookmark 322

Hope I can get near achieving these goals !!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!!!

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  1. Good idea! Making mini goals sounds like such a great way to keep on track. Good luck with finishing your goals for February.

  2. I love using the Random Number Generator to make decisions for me, too! Have fun stitching your Papillon Creations and Fractal Bookmark! I have one of those in my WIPs too but it's very difficult! I see you also started Teresa Wentzler's Hummingbird. I'm working on that one, too.

  3. You done very well this month:)

  4. Your OHD SAL looks fab!! Well done and congrats on your finish!!