Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Boo To You Progress !

I am making good progress with Boo To You Ghost.  It is a fun relaxing project to stitch on.  The only thing bugging me about it is the moon, it's not symmetrical and that vexes me a little !!!!! Other than that I am really enjoying it but it is taking longer than I expected to stitch it up...

I forgot I didn't put a link to where I got this freebie.  I got it from this website.
I have also added another project to my neverending todo list !!!  I fell in love with the new HAED Halloween freebie (here is a link to the HAED website)  and downloaded it immediately.  I did however make a compromise and deleted six charts on my computer that I decided I would never do because my taste has changed.  So one chart in and six charts out is not too bad.  I can't start it immediately because I need to save up for the threads but I would like to have it done it time for Halloween next year.

I have also completed another race.  I took part in the Plymouth 10k which is in my home town.  I took part in it last year as well and really enjoyed it both times.  Unfortunately I injured myself two months ago and hadn't been able to run for six weeks.  I was able to do a couple of small runs leading up and I really wanted to take part.  So no PB but really pleased I was able to run it at all.  Here is a piccy of me with my medal ...

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!
P.S.  I just spent an hour playing around with my blog design, I hope you like it.  I got the design from Blog Designs by Dani.  The template was free and her instructions were really easy to follow.


  1. Boo to You is adorable! The moon reminds me of Pac-Man right now! LOL. Thanks for the link. I saved this free chart for the future.

  2. Love your thinking behind deleting 6 charts for one HEAD chart! Now thats dedication for you :-)