Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Almost halfway...

As my title suggests I have approximately finished half of the last page is Siberian Forest. I love stitching this one but there is a LOT of confetti in the middle of this page and it is going very slowly. Sometimes I am only doing a few stitches in an hour ...

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!

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  1. This looks amazing and you are so close to the finish. Well done.

  2. Your Siberian Tiger is beautiful! Great stitching!

  3. Seems like you are really making headway now with this one. xx

  4. I like how you set up the photo with the fabric flopping down over his eye. He looks even more menacing and stealthy. Wow almost there and he looks beautiful. Good luck down that finish line
    Alicia xxoxx

  5. The tiger eye is AMAZING!! It's almost complete!!