Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Start: Linen Butterflies !!!

It is time for a new start since the last time I was working on my rotation I finished the wizard.  I chose a design from the DMC website that uses their now discontinued linen threads.  I have never used them before and after this design I think I will never use them again !!!  They are not as bad to use as their metallics but they are not that easy or smooth to use.  They are quite easy to break.  In saying those negatives the effect produced is quite stunning.  They have a matt effect which looks really good and I love the muted colours of the butterflies:

Linen Butterflies

20 count aida in Cotton Clouds by The Crafty Kitten
recommended DMC Linen threads
design from the DMC website (no longer available)

I am plugging away now on page three of Siberian Forest.  It is a partial page so will not take as long as  the others.  

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!!



  1. That's agreat project and the colours look absolutely beautiful. But from what you write I can understand why they discontinued the linen threads

  2. Lovely stitching, those colors are really subtle but very eye catching. I agree with the previous poster about the reason why they may be discontinued, how frustrating to have them keep breaking off. I hope you don't mind me visiting, I am always seeking out stitching blogs for inspiration.

    1. I love 'meeting' new stitchers, it really inspires me to check out new blogs too. Thank you for your kind words !!


  3. Hi

    Just found your lovely blog.

    Your project looks very pretty.
    I love your owl finish in your previous post.

  4. Very pretty. I love the colors!

  5. Really pretty butterflies. Too bad the floss breaks so easily.