Saturday, 16 June 2012

Oakhaven Finish and more ....

Hi Everyone, thanks for all the lovely comments about my sister’s wedding sampler, I really appreciate it.  It has been a really busy time since the wedding as I am dogsitting their pet dog Tara.  As a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel she requires a lot of attention but she also gets a lot of love because she is just the cutest, most loving, well behaved dog and I have enjoyed looking after her soo much.   Here is a piccy to show how beautiful she is and what has been distracting me !!!

This week I have finished the June part of the Oakhaven Sal for 2012.  These sew up really quick and was a welcome relief after the complexities of the Papillon Creations SAL:

I also finished a project that I used to have as a morning project.  I have not really been sticking to my old routine of stitching whilst doing all the Hen party and wedding sewing so I pulled this one out to get finished.  It was a nice design to stitch but the backstitch was a bit needlessly complicated.  I think the same effect could have been achieved a lot simpler.  I also liked the border which has a line of French knots as an inner border.  I really liked how that turned out:

Small Elephant

76 stitches wide by 60 stitches high
recommended DMC thread
random 28 count linen from stash
freebie from DMC website

I have also been doing some practise Hardanger and feel confident enough now to attempt it on the Papillon SAL part two which I intend to start as part of this month’s IHSW (can’t believe it is that time already, click on the link in my sidebar to find out more!!!)  I would like to have most of the first tulip done by Monday but we shall see !!!

Happy Stitching Everybody !!


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  1. I know what you mean about backstitch, sometimes I leave parts out as I feel it makes it look messy. Great finish always good to get one in. I can understand how looking after a dog can be distracting. I'm co dogsitting with my gf and he is a handful. Everytime I sit to stitch he puts a toy in his mouth and lays his head on my lap...stitch time I think not it's doggy play time. LOL!

  2. Lovely work, Donna. Grats on the finish and part finish. I dog sit for my brother frequently in the summer, and he has a big ole boxer. Sixty pounds of dog, and he LOVES his aunt Julie, lol. It's so fun for a few days. Then I'm glad to give him back. It's a pita for me to be there cause I'm working in the yard, and watering, and taking the dog out and it's tiring for someone on disability.

  3. You seem to be into animals this month, lol. First that funny little dog and then the elephant. Gorgeous!