Tuesday, 26 June 2012

June TUSAL, and Papillion update !!

Here is an embarrassingly late update for this month's TUSAL.  I have spent most of the month working on the Papillon Creations SAL so that it what the top of the jar is full of.  I thought this jar would last me all year but it is getting quite full now, I keep having to push the threads down !!!!

I have also finished part three of the Papillon SAL and added the beads to part two that were missing from my last progress pick.  I LOVED doing the cutwork to this section it really adds something not only to the piece but also to my confidence in sewing.  Its going really well so far and I am excited for the next part.

It was my cousins birthday on Saturday and I gave her the Sonic box.  She was absolutely over the moon with it.  Despite the challenges she faces everyday she has a very happy personality.  Here is a picture of her opening the box:

Happy Stitching Everybody !!!



  1. Donna your Papillion is gorgeous with all those colours and specialty stitches! Wow! I love your cousin's face getting her surprise!!

  2. Hi Donna, I am a new follower of your blog (closer to 100!). Your TUSAL jar is gorgeous! Papillon is beautiful. You have made the most progress so far of all the blogs I have seen of stitchers doing this project.