Monday, 21 May 2012

IHSW and TUSAL for May !!!

I have some piccys to share !!!!  First up is this month's tusal update.  This month I have added a lot of metallic to the pot since the wizard I am working on has taken a load of metallic thread (I have gone through two skeins already and waiting for the third!).

Now for my IHSW progress.  I achieved my aims this month and completed the May part of the Oakhaven SAL as well as continuing the wedding sampler and working on the Papillon creations SAL.  I am feeling much better about the Papillon Creations SAL now, the second of the hearts is going much better, I am really enjoying the Lindisfarne stitch.  I am going to put this to one side for the moment until next month because I really have to focus on the wedding sampler and want to catch up with the Great Escape.  I have also had a look at the next part and it includes Hardanger which I have never tried before so I want to have a chance to practice it before I do it on the real thing !!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!!!


  1. Great progress! Your papillon SAL looks lovely. And you have stitched night and day judging by your jar

  2. Lovely stitching, Donna. Glad it's going well for you.

  3. Well done on reaching your goals. I love the May piece, but then I am a little cat crazy. And the Papillion is going to be lovely - looking forward to watching it grow.