Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lots of Stitchy Updates!!! and New Etsy Items!!!

Happy Easter Everybody!!!!!

I have had a really productive few days and have lots of progress to show you.  First up I finished the Sonic character I was working on for my cousin.  I am intending to add some of the gold rings in a oval pattern around the character and then it will be ready to turn into a box topper:

Its looking really good.  I am using Maderia silks and they are really making this piece come alive.  The coverage is also really good.  If I was doing any other picture I would probably only use one thread on the 18 count fabric I am using for it but since Sonic is a cartoon character the thicker thread works better.

I have also finished the first page of Fractal Bookmark 292.  I can't describe how in LOVE I am with design.  It is stunning and I just whizzed through it.  I managed to complete this page in two weeks compared to the first page of bookmark 268 that took me three months to complete!!!!!

I have spent Easter working on some projects for my Etsy shop as I want to increase the products that I have in it.  I made some really cutie Chicken pincushions.  Please click on the link in my sidebar or below to take a quick looksy at them.

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!!


  1. I love how vibrant Sonic looks - absolutely lovely. And don't you just love it when a design stitches up nice and fast?

  2. Your sonic is so cute! I love seeing children's characters in cross stitch. Brings back memories when my children were still little. Now they're grown up . . . time pass by so fast.