Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Another Finish !!!!!

I have another finish for 2012!!!!!  This time it is my latest travelling project, a freebie I got from the online store Sew Discounted when it used to give away a free project every month.  I am so pleased that I have finished this design as I have hated stitching it.  For such a simple design the pattern was quite confusing as I hate it when there are similar colours and symbols close together.  I am therefore pleased I gritted my teeth and got it done.  I wish I could be the type of person who could have let it go because I wasn’t enjoying it but once I start something I have to finish it.  The picture has turned out nice, however so I can’t complain about that!!!!

I thought I would also share my progress on the latest page of the HAED 2012 SAL Siberian Forest QS I am working on.  I am really enjoying this one still and am about a third of the way through the page.   It still amazes me how the colours work together, who would have thought that the tiger face had purples, pale greens and yellows in it!!!!

I have also made some goals for this weekends IHSW (click on the link in my sidebar to find out more).  I am going to make this weekend one where I catch up on all my SAL’s including doing part one of the new Papillon Creations SAL.  I am really excited about taking part in this one as like The Great Escape it is made up of speciality stitches so I will be increasing my range.

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!


  1. Life would be easier if we wouldn't feel obliged to finish what we started wouldn't it! But congrats on the finish and you HAED looks wonderful!

  2. i love this, i really wish i had picked this one and not QS LOvers, but thats what you get with not listening to your gut!
    i have awarded your blog an award over at my wordpress blog, www.weestitchy.com

  3. The Crafty Princess24 April 2012 at 14:22

    Good work stunner for sticking it out. Well worth it by the looks of the finished piece. Very lovely!

    I'm loving Siberian Forest, it's so realistic what a great job Michele did in charting this one and your work on him is gorgeous.

    Congrats on all your progress


  4. Your tiger is stunning. Congrats on your finish.