Saturday, 28 April 2012

It's getting closer!!!!

I am nearly towards the end of the current page of Siberian Forest and the second eye is beginning to show!! I am so excited I am at just the tip of the eye.  Here is my current progress pic at about 60% completed:

Also I am very excited because the wedding sampler I am going to stitch for my sister has arrived today.  She knows she is getting a sampler but doesn't know which one so I won't be able to show it on here until the day of the wedding but I will take lots of pics as I go along to post after the wedding.

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

IHSW Results and April TUSAL (Late I know!!!!!)

Laughingly I thought that this IHSW (click on the link in my sidebar for details) I would be able to complete a catchup on my SALs I take part in.  I have not even completed part one of the new Papillon Creations SAL, therefore I have not even touched The Great Escape or my Oakhaven SAL.  I had lots of stitching time this weekend but I found starting the Papillon SAL a challenge.  I wasn't sure that my Berwick stitch was looking quite right and I kept making mistakes with the Norwich stitch.  I think it was just that I was tired though because when I picked it up again the next day, I flew through it.  I am also pleased that I made the decision to not buy anything new to complete this project and to use threads and fabric from my stash.  A while ago I bought a thread pack from the internet of HDF threads.  I thought I was buying a random pack of threads but when they arrived it was specific colours for a design and I ended up with 10 skeins of three colours.  I never knew what to use them for so I thought this would be perfect.  I am also using a metallic that I got from my local LNS that I also never really knew what to use for it is DMC Diamant thread in a bronze colour.  I am also going to use a mixture of Madeira, HDF silks and some random silks that I got from Sophie Long at a needlework show last year.  I am stitching it all on 32 count Raw Belfast Linen.  Enough of my rambling, here are the piccys of what I have done so far:

The other colours I have chosen are a selection of purples.  I am really pleased with how the colours are looking but I have put it to one side now as I am going back to finish the current page of Siberian Forest.  

I don't think I have mentioned this but my sister is getting married in a few weeks and I have some sewing to do in preparation for the actual wedding and the hen party that I will share but I can't yet as they are a surprise for her!!! (Sorry for the tease!!)

Here is my Tusal pic for April.  It is mostly full of the orts from the first page of Fractal Bookmark 292, some from the current page of Siberian Forest, Sonic and I also found from miscellaneous scraps in the bottom of one of my storage boxes!!! 

It's getting really full!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!


P.S. Thank you to Beverley who awarded me another Liebster Blog award!!!  Check out her blog !

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Another Finish !!!!!

I have another finish for 2012!!!!!  This time it is my latest travelling project, a freebie I got from the online store Sew Discounted when it used to give away a free project every month.  I am so pleased that I have finished this design as I have hated stitching it.  For such a simple design the pattern was quite confusing as I hate it when there are similar colours and symbols close together.  I am therefore pleased I gritted my teeth and got it done.  I wish I could be the type of person who could have let it go because I wasn’t enjoying it but once I start something I have to finish it.  The picture has turned out nice, however so I can’t complain about that!!!!

I thought I would also share my progress on the latest page of the HAED 2012 SAL Siberian Forest QS I am working on.  I am really enjoying this one still and am about a third of the way through the page.   It still amazes me how the colours work together, who would have thought that the tiger face had purples, pale greens and yellows in it!!!!

I have also made some goals for this weekends IHSW (click on the link in my sidebar to find out more).  I am going to make this weekend one where I catch up on all my SAL’s including doing part one of the new Papillon Creations SAL.  I am really excited about taking part in this one as like The Great Escape it is made up of speciality stitches so I will be increasing my range.

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lots of Stitchy Updates!!! and New Etsy Items!!!

Happy Easter Everybody!!!!!

I have had a really productive few days and have lots of progress to show you.  First up I finished the Sonic character I was working on for my cousin.  I am intending to add some of the gold rings in a oval pattern around the character and then it will be ready to turn into a box topper:

Its looking really good.  I am using Maderia silks and they are really making this piece come alive.  The coverage is also really good.  If I was doing any other picture I would probably only use one thread on the 18 count fabric I am using for it but since Sonic is a cartoon character the thicker thread works better.

I have also finished the first page of Fractal Bookmark 292.  I can't describe how in LOVE I am with design.  It is stunning and I just whizzed through it.  I managed to complete this page in two weeks compared to the first page of bookmark 268 that took me three months to complete!!!!!

I have spent Easter working on some projects for my Etsy shop as I want to increase the products that I have in it.  I made some really cutie Chicken pincushions.  Please click on the link in my sidebar or below to take a quick looksy at them.

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Great Escape Progress Piccy !!!

I have finished the latest part of The Great Escape (from The Stitch Specialists).  This part went very well and called for some bling in the name of BEADS!!!! I LOVE adding beads and chose some bright yellow ones for the inside of the flowers which complemented the lilac I had chosen for the flower petals.  To intersperse with the other flowers I used an icicle coloured bead.  This looks amazing but was really difficult to photograph!!!  The following photo is the best I could do...

I am making great progress with Fractal Bookmark 292 and hope to have a finish for the first page on Friday which I will share.

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!