Tuesday, 28 February 2012

HAED Siberian Forest Page One FINISHED!!!!!

I've finished it!!! It only took about six weeks but it is done.  It certainly was worth the effort because the effect is just stunning.  The colouring and the detail is just amazing.  I am so excited to get the next page, that I intend to rush through the next projects in my rotation so that when the next page is released in April so I can start it immediately!!!

Without further ado....

I am now back to working on my waterlilies design.  I can't believe that it is now August 2011 since I last worked on this design.  I have only one page left till this one is finished so I will be working on it until completion.  This one should go much quicker than Forest because it has large chunks of colour in it.  Since it has been so long here is a piccy of where I left it last time:

This is the latest dress that I have made in my course.  It is Simplicity pattern 2147 View C.  I even made the little belt to go with it.  I have had second thoughts about the fabric now I am finished.  I bought it over the internet because where I live there is no real selection of fabric anywhere.  I loved it when I first got it but I am not so keen now.  It is also a very stiff cotton so I had to do the belt because else it would look like a tent!!!!! However, on the plus sides the fabric was very easy to work with and out of the three dresses I have now made it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing but it is probably the most 'technically' successful!!! 

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

TUSAL, Love Sampler and August Flower!!!

Here is my Tusal pic for Feb's new moon and the first outing of my new Tusal jar (for information on TUSAL head over to Daffycat's blog).  It's a lovely decanter that I got from a charity shop for three pounds!!! I really love it.  I had to clean it up but it looks really shiny and new:

Next up are my latest finishes both internet freebies.  The first is a fantastic design from Kincavel Krosses.  Kell has some beautiful designs and I fell in LOVE (excuse the pun!!!) with this one.  For people who have been following this blog for a while you might recognise this from last year, when I stitched it up in different colours as a card to celebrate the engagement of my sister and her partner.  For my own version I used Polstitches thread.  This was my first time using this thread and I must say I was really impressed, they were lovely to use and gave a really nice effect. 


28 count raw belfast linen
polstitches thread
designed by Kell Smurthwaite of Kincavel Krosses
49 stitches by 83 stitches

This is a pattern that I have had on my computer for a while now when the site Sew Discounted released a free design each month.  They are no longer available so I cannot link to it but I still have a few on them on my computer.  It was just a small quick design that I used as a travel project:


freebie from Sew Discounted
28 count linen
recommended DMC threads

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Uh Oh!!!

Oh no!!! Look what I accidently just bought!!! OOPS!!!!

New Chart

Happy Stitching Everybody!!

P.S. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my tiger, they are really spurring me on!!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

IHSW February Results!!!

I spent all this months IHSW working on Siberian Forest (HAED 2012 BB SAL Freebie).  I managed to get quite a bit done almost 1500 stitches!!! I had also done a bit more than my last progress picture so the eye is really starting to show.  I know everyone has said it but the eye is the most amazing thing I have ever stitched!!! It looks sooooo realistic.  I am motoring along with this one now and am hoping to get it finished this week.  I am now off to look at all of your IHSW progress!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Siberian Forest is taking shape!!!

I am now over the halfway mark with HAED 2012 SAL Siberian Forest.  The detail is amazing, it really looks like the fur is 'real'.  I am now further ahead than this picture and I think I am coming up towards the eye, which I know from seeing other's completed pages is really fantastic.  I am on the final stretch with this one now and think I should get it finished by the end of next week.

P.S.  It's that time again!!!  Don't forget to sign up to this weekend's International Hermit and Stitch weekend.  Just click on the hermit in my sidebar to find out more!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Victoriana, Oakhaven SAL and another Great Escape Update!!!

I have a few new finishes to share with you.  The first is a morning project that I started after As Ye Sew was completed.  It's a lovely piece, I think it looks like wallpaper.  It didn't take very long at all to stitch up, just a few hours.  It is nice to have these small projects to work on in the mornings whilst working on Siberian Forest.  Working on Siberian Forest can feel sometimes like you are getting nowhere, so having these finishes keep me going!!!

Here it is:


32 count linen from The Crafty Kitten grab bag (a bluey-pink colour)
recommended DMC threads
designed by Elizabeth Almond of Blackwork Journey
freebie from Blackwork Journey
65 stitches by 57 stitches

I have also completed the next part of the 2012 Oakhaven SAL (available from their yahoo group).  I thought this one was going to be all cats so image my surprise when the next part was a dog!!!  I am really excited to see what is next, it could be cats and dogs or another animal might be introduced, who knows!?!?!?!


28 count pink evenweave
recommended DMC threads
designed by Tonia 
42 stitches by 33 stitches

At the moment I have no ink in my printer so I was working on the above dog this morning with my computer running.  Towards the end I received an email from Abi Gurden saying that the next part of The Great Escape was ready for download.  I still had some time left for sewing and since I had the design next to me (as I keep both SAL's with each other) I decided to give it a go.  I think I was the first to finish it on the group!!! I absolutely adore this part.  Using variation of Rhodes stitch, the owl now has a mouse escaping from him!!!  This is the first part that I have been able to do without any need for frogging, so it didn't take any time at all to stitch up:


32 count Belfast Linen in Pansy Impressions from The Crafty Kitten
HDF Threads
Designed by Abi Gurden

I now intend to spend the evening working on HAED Siberian Forest.  I am almost halfway through the first page and will update as soon as I achieve it!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Red Poppy and Great Escape Update!!!

I have completed the next part of The Great Escape (from The Stitch Specialists yahoo group).  The stitch was called Queen stitch and made up the feet of the owl.  I was really pleased with how they turned out and found them quite simple to do once I got the hang of them.  However, in stitching up the feet I noticed that I had done alot of the previous part (the buttonhole stitch) in the wrong place.  A lot of frogging and restitching later and voila.......

I have also completed the project that I take around with me on my travels.  This was an internet freebie but I am not sure where I got it from now as it has been on my computer for so long!!!!  I love the bright colours and it has been really cheery to stitch in the horrible weather:

28 count linen fabric
recommended DMC threads
internet freebie
54 stitches by 54 stitches

Next time I hope to update with my HAED Siberian Forest.  I am approximately a third of the way through and it looks fabulous!!!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!