Wednesday, 11 January 2012

TA DA !!! First finish of 2012 !!!! and it's a HAED !!!

I have finally finished HAED Christmas Tree and Animals.  The photo is not great but I was so excited that I took a picture immediately.  I am so happy that I completed it, as I have had a real rollercoaster of emotion with this design.  Even now I think it would have been better stitched up on 18 count fabric at the least but I learnt to love this design.  The detail and the colours are amazing, I know everybody says it about HAED's but the way the colours work together is outstanding.  I am replacing this in my rotation with another HAED.  As part of the 2012 SAL I am stitching QS Siberian Tiger. I am loving it so far.  I hope that once I have completed this that both HAED's will give me the confidence to buy a full sized version.  I already have a design that I have been coveting for a while but I will reveal it when I buy it (tease!!!!!).  Anyway enough waffle here are the piccys:

Once I had finished this I thought I would catch up with The Great Escape.  After my last post I realised like a plonker that I had done the wings in the wrong colour (ARGHHHHHH!!!).  After taking sometime to recover myself I unpicked it and completed them in the right colour along with the next part.  Part eight was made up of Buttonhole Stitch.  I LOVE buttonhole stitch, I find it so relaxing.  It was nice to something that I was already familiar with this time as it was a nice break from the more complicated stitches.  I also had to redo the Oyster Stitches on the right hand side of the owl as I wasn't really happy with them.  They turned out much better the second time so I am glad I made the effort to alter them:

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!!


  1. Thats one beautiful HAED finish.
    GE is looking great

  2. Wonderful HAED finish, and just in time for the dawn of a new year! Congratulations, Donna!

    Also love your use of colors on TGE. Very creative!

    Nancy in IL of The Stitch Specialists

  3. Congrats on the finish, it's beautiful! Love the colors in your owl.

  4. Congratulations Donna! All finishes are fantastic but when it's a HAED finish it really feels like an accomplishment. Beautiful job!

  5. Donna: Do you have that animal pattern you could share?

    1. I am unable to share any chart, this is a pdf from Heaven and Earth Designs.