Sunday, 22 January 2012

Oakhaven 2012 SAL Start

I have made a start on the Oakhaven SAL for 2012 and its catties!!!!  To join in you have to join the yahoo group for Oakhaven designs.  I was so impressed and enjoyed last years that I just had to join in again.  Here is January's Cat:

I have also been diligently working away at HAED Siberian Forest but progress is slow.  I am making it my focus piece for this weekends IHSW so will update tomorrow on my progress (For anyone interested in IHSW go to this link and join in the fun, IHSW blog link).  

I also wanted to share a bit of non-cross stitching progress.  I mentioned a while ago that I was taking a dressmaking course, well, I have just finished my second garment and thought I would share what it turned out like (hope you like it!).  It is quite a simple pattern that I got via Prima magazine here in the UK.

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!


  1. What a cute little kitty. Can't wait to see what the year brings.
    Your dress is just lovely. You will have to take a picture modeling it.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. That's a beautiful dress, Donna. :D

    Kitty looks so cute. Looking forward to seeing your IHSW stitching.

  3. Beautiful dress, Donna! I've always wanted to be able to sew stuff but every time I touch a sewing machine something explodes.