Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Latest Morning Project and Mystery Stitch Update!!

So I have my second finish of 2012.  This is the project I have been working on in the mornings before I get up.  It's a freebie from this website (I am no longer sure where it is on there).  I stitched it on some 28 count evenweave, 2 over 2 using the recommended HDF threads.  HDF threads are lovely, I have used them for a few projects now and I think they are beautiful.  They add a touch of class to a design.  Here is the finished piccy:

Also, I have done another session on the mystery stitch for my cousin (see last post).  It is stitching up very quickly, I think you might be able to make a guess now about what it is!!!

The next couple of mornings I am going to dedicate to doing the January part of the new Oakhaven SAL.  It is a real cutie!!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!


  1. Methinks I spot Sonic the Hedgehog :)

    Love the alphabet tree.

  2. haha! I saw your last post and it looked like a black and red fish...how good at guessing am I! lol

  3. Congrats on the tree finish.

  4. gorgeous sticthing. I think I can guesss who that is now :D