Monday, 30 January 2012

TUSAL first ever post and As Ye Sew!!!

This year I have decided to take part in TUSAL over on Daffycat's blog.  I really think this is a great idea to remember what you have stitched over the year but also as a great way to recycle.  I already have a project in mind to do with mine at the end of the year!!!   I haven't got a proper jar yet but have been putting my ORTs into a glass.  Here is my first ever TUSAL piccy:

I have another finish for 2012.  It's the morning project that replaced Arbre in my rotation.  This has been such a brilliant project to stitch.  I absolutely love the design and despite the saying I didn't have to do too much frogging!!!!!  I had put off doing this design because the pattern looked a bit complicated but upon closer inspection it was really simple, it just required a bit of attention because the backstitch lines were not very clearly marked.  However, when I went on the website just to look at my design in comparison with a photo I noticed that they have since altered the pattern, not in substance but they have just redone the backstitch lines so that they are easier to read.  I really love the finished design, it is one of my favourites.  Here is the finished piccy:

28 count Polstitches Fabric (from a grab bag)
recommended DMC threads
freebie from the Janlynn website
designed by Barbara Baatz
66 stitches by 56 stitches

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Monday, 23 January 2012

IHSW Progress

I've been focussing on my HAED SAL Siberian Forest for this month's IHSW.  I've made a little progress, doing approximately 600 stitches over the weekend.  This one seems to be taking a long time but the colours are keeping it interesting for me and I love seeing them blend together.

I am now off to stalk, I mean look, at everyone else's IHSW progress!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Oakhaven 2012 SAL Start

I have made a start on the Oakhaven SAL for 2012 and its catties!!!!  To join in you have to join the yahoo group for Oakhaven designs.  I was so impressed and enjoyed last years that I just had to join in again.  Here is January's Cat:

I have also been diligently working away at HAED Siberian Forest but progress is slow.  I am making it my focus piece for this weekends IHSW so will update tomorrow on my progress (For anyone interested in IHSW go to this link and join in the fun, IHSW blog link).  

I also wanted to share a bit of non-cross stitching progress.  I mentioned a while ago that I was taking a dressmaking course, well, I have just finished my second garment and thought I would share what it turned out like (hope you like it!).  It is quite a simple pattern that I got via Prima magazine here in the UK.

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Latest Morning Project and Mystery Stitch Update!!

So I have my second finish of 2012.  This is the project I have been working on in the mornings before I get up.  It's a freebie from this website (I am no longer sure where it is on there).  I stitched it on some 28 count evenweave, 2 over 2 using the recommended HDF threads.  HDF threads are lovely, I have used them for a few projects now and I think they are beautiful.  They add a touch of class to a design.  Here is the finished piccy:

Also, I have done another session on the mystery stitch for my cousin (see last post).  It is stitching up very quickly, I think you might be able to make a guess now about what it is!!!

The next couple of mornings I am going to dedicate to doing the January part of the new Oakhaven SAL.  It is a real cutie!!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

HAED SAL Progress and a Mystery Start!!!

So I thought I would update with my progress on my HAED because I think it is going to take longer than I thought!!!.  I have done about 700 stitches and am almost across the top row of 10x10.  This design is so beautiful, the combination of colours is amazing.  The first couple of blocks had quite a bit of confetti but the next few that I have to stitch do not appear to be as bad so I am hoping to get more done this week.  Here is my progress as of 15/1/12:

I have also made a start on a stitched present.  I have a severely disabled cousin, who is turning thirty towards the end of June.  To avoid the rush and pressure I had with my Christmas stitching I am starting this one with plenty of time to spare as my sister is getting married in the same month and I want to stitch her a sampler (She knows she is getting one but will not know the particular design so I will not be able to post progress pics until after).  However, for my cousin I am going to make her one of the stitched boxes I made for my family at Christmas.  She is absolutely crazy about a particular subject and her room is covered in collectables and pictures.  I am not going to tell you what I am stitching, to quote Rolf Harris, 'Can you tell what it is yet ?!?!?!?":

I have also made good progress on the project that I like to stitch in the mornings in bed!!! I am going to save writing about that one until later in the week because I am very close to finishing!!!

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

TA DA !!! First finish of 2012 !!!! and it's a HAED !!!

I have finally finished HAED Christmas Tree and Animals.  The photo is not great but I was so excited that I took a picture immediately.  I am so happy that I completed it, as I have had a real rollercoaster of emotion with this design.  Even now I think it would have been better stitched up on 18 count fabric at the least but I learnt to love this design.  The detail and the colours are amazing, I know everybody says it about HAED's but the way the colours work together is outstanding.  I am replacing this in my rotation with another HAED.  As part of the 2012 SAL I am stitching QS Siberian Tiger. I am loving it so far.  I hope that once I have completed this that both HAED's will give me the confidence to buy a full sized version.  I already have a design that I have been coveting for a while but I will reveal it when I buy it (tease!!!!!).  Anyway enough waffle here are the piccys:

Once I had finished this I thought I would catch up with The Great Escape.  After my last post I realised like a plonker that I had done the wings in the wrong colour (ARGHHHHHH!!!).  After taking sometime to recover myself I unpicked it and completed them in the right colour along with the next part.  Part eight was made up of Buttonhole Stitch.  I LOVE buttonhole stitch, I find it so relaxing.  It was nice to something that I was already familiar with this time as it was a nice break from the more complicated stitches.  I also had to redo the Oyster Stitches on the right hand side of the owl as I wasn't really happy with them.  They turned out much better the second time so I am glad I made the effort to alter them:

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Christmas Stitching, Oakhaven Owl SAL 2011: Update Eight, and The Great Escape SAL: Update Three!!!

Now that Christmas is over I can finally reveal the projects that I was working on.  I had hoped to finish HAED Christmas Tree and Animals for Christmas but that didn't happen as you will see.  For my mum, sister and father I wanted to do something special, a wooden box with a cross-stitched lid.  Things did not go as smoothly as I wished, I vastly underestimated the amount of time it would take me to finish them, especially the one I made for my mum.  I finished my mum's at Eleven Thirty, Christmas Eve Evening.  I was soooo relieved to finish it as I had worked soooo hard and desperately wanted my mother to have it.  To be honest sewing that last box was extremely difficult, psychologically to stitch.  Rushing to finish the box, constantly sewing every minute combined with the added worry of wanting to have it finished took all the enjoyment out of it.  However, all that pain was worth it to see the finished result.  All of the boxes looked amazing.

This was my Father's:

My Sister's (this is just the picture as I don't have a picture of the box):

I added the charms to this design and used beads for the eyes instead of french knots to make it look more special.  I do like the tatty teddy designs but the backstitch is a nightmare!!!

This is the box that took the most time, my mother's:

Once again I used beads instead of french knots for extra glamour.  I really like this art deco lady and intend to stitch it for myself (after some time has past!!!!!).

I got the boxes from this website and I must just say what great service I got from the company.  Delivery was really speedy and the quality of the boxes was second to none.  They are really made well.  I finished them in some danish oil that really enhanced the wood of the boxes.

Like I said earlier these boxes have took every waking minute of the last two months to complete I have had no time to complete any stitching of my own. Once Christmas was out of the way I have been catching up with my own stitching.  I have completed the last owl of the Oakhaven Owl 2011 SAL.  I have LOVED this SAL soo much.  The owls are real cuties.  I have already signed up for the 2012 SAL of which I have received the first part.  Here are the piccys of the December owl and of them all together:

I have also caught up with The Great Escape SAL by Abi Gurden at The Stitch Specialists yahoo group.  I am loving this SAL as it is really making feel much m ore confident with my sewing.  Everytime I manage to complete a stitch that I initially thought was beyond my skills I get a real sense of achievement.  It is not perfect, but I am really pleased with the results:

I have been stitching away as well on HAED Christmas Tree and Animals and I think I will be finished by the weekend.  Fingers Crossed!!! Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!!!!!!

P.S.  There is a great giveaway at this blog:  Heather's Giveaway.  She is being very generous!!!