Thursday, 17 November 2011

Oakhaven Owl 2011 SAL: Update Seven, The Great Escape SAL: Update Two, Playing around with Hessian and Keyring

Hello Fellow Stitchers,

I have completed the next owl in the Oakhaven Owl SAL.  I think this is my favourite so far, the owl is soo cute and I like the way it is holding the pumpkin!! I can't believe the next owl signals the end of the SAL, it seems like only yesterday I started it but I have really enjoyed it, I think the designer (Tonia Pappan) has really designed it well and is really talented:

I have also completed part four of The Great Escape SAL (from The Stitch Specialist's Yahoo Group).  At first I felt a bit daunted by this part as it seemed a bit too advanced for me but I persevered with it and followed Abi's very clear instructions.  The final result is really something, I can't believe the texture that it has added to the piece and I am looking forward to getting on with part five:

I also spent yesterday making myself up a little keyring adapting an alphabet that I found in SEW magazine.  I needed this as I keep losing my front door key ever since I broke my last keyring.  It took no time at all to stitch up but I like the result:

Next up is a bit of play that I had.  I am currently taking a dressmaking course designed for adult learners.  As part of this course we spent some time doing embroidery on coloured hessian fabric.  When I got home I continued this on some plain hessian that I bought.  Since I already knew the stitches that we learnt (lazy daisy, chain, feather and blanket)  I thought I would play around with different  fabrics and ribbon.  I did some simple applique with blanket stitch using some beautiful satin fabric I found in my LNS and also a bag of assorted ribbons.  I was quite pleased with how it came out as this really took me out of my comfort zone.  I am primarily a cross stitcher, have quite a mathematical mind and like to follow patterns therefore to create a more 'free' piece of work was extremely hard.

My blog posts have been becoming more sporadic as of late because I have started my christmas stitching.  I am working on some projects for my family but I can't update my blog with them as my family read this blog.  I am however, taking WIP pictures at different stages and intend to have a separate blog post after christmas showing what I am making from beginning to end.  This means I cannot spend as much time on my HAED as I like but I am still plugging away at doing by making it my morning project ensuring it gets at least at hour a day on, so it should be completed soon as I want to display it for christmas.

Don't forget it is November's IHSW this weekend.  For anyone unaware of this great idea follow this IHSW Link.  Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!!!!