Monday, 5 September 2011

Cross Stitch Crazy Wizard: Update Four and Morning Projects: Update Fifteen

I have finished the next page in my rotation:  the fourth section of my Wizard design.  This design is so lovely to stitch, the wizard looks quite foreboding!!! and the design is so magical (excuse the pun!!).  The next time this comes round in my rotation it will be the last but for this design I think it will be the best to stitch.  Not only does the last section involve the backstitch which will really enhance the design but I also get to add some bling in the form of metallic threads and beads!! I am sooo excited I can't wait.  Now I have moved on to the next page of my dolphin design.

The page I was working on:

And as a whole so far:

I thought I would also give a quick update on Average Dog which I have been stitching on in the mornings since the last IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend).  This is about two weeks worth of mornings.  Isn't the dog  a cutie ???  I love the hairy chest !!!
Happy Stitching Everybody!!!


  1. Great progress so far! I agree with the wizard though...he looks mysterious!

  2. The wizard is definitely mysterious looking and the doggy is so cute!! :D