Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Crafternoon Fun !!!

I have spent the afternoon playing with my new toy:  a brand new Janome 2200xt sewing machine.  Although it is only a basic machine it is really good quality and a joy to use.  I have needed a new machine for a while now and was lucky to get this at the weekend because I was about to go stir-crazy without one!!!!  Here is a piccy of the new love in my life !!:

Isn't she a beauty !?!!?

Anyway to celebrate I have spent the afternoon stitching up this project that was free with Homestyle Sewing magazine in the UK.  The magazine came with all the materials to make one of three projects and I chose the small make-up bag to sew(the others were an ipod case or teacosy).  I am pleased with the result but it was a struggle.  The pattern in the magazine wasn't very well worded and the material wasn't large enough to create the bag in the same way as the picture in the mag.  In the end I just decided to make it up in my way but I think it turned out quite well, so without further ado....

The front:

And the back:  

I like the bright fabric and it has a bright pink lining inside.  Happy Stitching Everybody!!!


  1. Great sewing job, Donna. :D Love the brighy, happy colors on it.

  2. Love the new toy!
    Your makeup bag looks fantastic.
    I've found that magazine instructions aren't the best, as well, so I just make it up as I go along lol

  3. Love your new machine...I keep looking to buy one, but can't decide which one to get (I know absolutely nothing about them!)
    Great job with the bag,shame the material wasn't large enough to make it the way they stated. These free gifts seem to be getting more and more like that.