Tuesday, 27 September 2011


So better late than never, here is my giveaway.  This is to celebrate my etsy store and to be almost near fifty followers on my blog !!!  I hope you like it.  All you have to do to enter is be a public follower on my blog and publish a comment on this post.  Entries have to be in by Monday 12th of October 12:00 pm (U.K. time).  I will be drawing and announcing the winner on Tuesday 11th of October.  So here are the prizes:

The prizes will be a handmade doughnut pincushion, a plastic keyring and coaster all ready for your finished pieces, some madeira glissengloss thread, a skein of dmc variation thread and one q snap cover which you can choose the size of (between 6x6, 8x8 or 11x11).

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Etsy Shop

I have started up a new etsy shop to sell some of my craft items.  It only has a couple of listings at the moment but if you would like, please go over and have a look at this link.  It is to celebrate this that I am going to have a giveaway, I will be announcing the giveaway and prizes when I update my blog on Monday so keep tuned !!!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Crafternoon Fun !!!

I have spent the afternoon playing with my new toy:  a brand new Janome 2200xt sewing machine.  Although it is only a basic machine it is really good quality and a joy to use.  I have needed a new machine for a while now and was lucky to get this at the weekend because I was about to go stir-crazy without one!!!!  Here is a piccy of the new love in my life !!:

Isn't she a beauty !?!!?

Anyway to celebrate I have spent the afternoon stitching up this project that was free with Homestyle Sewing magazine in the UK.  The magazine came with all the materials to make one of three projects and I chose the small make-up bag to sew(the others were an ipod case or teacosy).  I am pleased with the result but it was a struggle.  The pattern in the magazine wasn't very well worded and the material wasn't large enough to create the bag in the same way as the picture in the mag.  In the end I just decided to make it up in my way but I think it turned out quite well, so without further ado....

The front:

And the back:  

I like the bright fabric and it has a bright pink lining inside.  Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

IHSW Results, Dolphins: Update Two and Morning Project: Update Sixteen

I have lots of updating to do this week, so no waffling!!!  For this month's IHSW I was disappointed not to have as much stitching time as normal so I sent what time I had completing the September Owl for the Oakhaven SAL.  It is such a cute owl and I LOVE the colouring on the leaves, they really 'pop' off the fabric:

September Owl:

And all of them together:

Hopefully next IHSW I will have a bit more time to stitch.  Last week I finished the next (second) page of my large dolphin design.  It is sun a fun stitch and the large dolphin is starting to show!! I am super excited to continue this design as I want to see the dolphins come to life.  Although it is made up of large chunks of colour, the detail in the sea is really effective, it really feels like the sun is shining through the ocean.  Next up is the fifth (and penultimate) page in my fractal bookmark:

The page I was working on:

And as a whole so far:

Next up is my current progress on my morning project.  Average Dog is going really well and is such a pleasure to stitch:

Thats all for now but I just wanted to let you know to stay tuned to this blog because I intend to host a giveaway either at the end of this week or beginning of next as a thank-you to all the lovely comments and inspiration that I have gained through the blogging/forum world.

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Cross Stitch Crazy Wizard: Update Four and Morning Projects: Update Fifteen

I have finished the next page in my rotation:  the fourth section of my Wizard design.  This design is so lovely to stitch, the wizard looks quite foreboding!!! and the design is so magical (excuse the pun!!).  The next time this comes round in my rotation it will be the last but for this design I think it will be the best to stitch.  Not only does the last section involve the backstitch which will really enhance the design but I also get to add some bling in the form of metallic threads and beads!! I am sooo excited I can't wait.  Now I have moved on to the next page of my dolphin design.

The page I was working on:

And as a whole so far:

I thought I would also give a quick update on Average Dog which I have been stitching on in the mornings since the last IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend).  This is about two weeks worth of mornings.  Isn't the dog  a cutie ???  I love the hairy chest !!!
Happy Stitching Everybody!!!