Friday, 10 June 2011

Waterlilies: Update Two and Oakhaven Owl 2011 SAL: Update Two

I have finished the next page in my Waterlilies design.  I LOVE this picture, it really is turning out lovely.  The picture has a real photographic quality to it despite the fact that it is made up of large chunks of colour.  

Here is a close up of the page I worked on:

And as a whole so far:

I have also finished the next owl in the Oakhaven Owl 2011 SAL.  The June owl has turned out really well but then they are all soooo cute.  I think my favourite is the April Owl so far because I LOVE the hat.  My next favourites are then the June and the March Owls as I really like the design of the June owl and the pot of gold carried by the leprechaun owl:

The June Owl:


And all together:

Next up is the next section of my Cross Stitch Crazy Wizard.  It seems like an age since I was working on this picture, therefore I am really excited to be stitching it again.  I have also started a new morning project just this morning.  I can't put a completed picture up because I only have a chart but it is a small design of a labrador.  I think it will look really good as some of the shading is very subtle which should enhance the final look of the piece.  Happy Stitching everybody!!!


  1. The waterlilies are so stunning! Even with being large blocks of color, it's really coming together to be quite a detailed piece.

  2. Love all the little owls. Your waterlillie is just beautiful.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  3. Everything looks great. Love your owls. They're so cute. And your waterlilies piece is gorgeous!! Who's the designer on that?

  4. Hi, it's a freebie that I got when purchasing another design a few years ago but I think you can get it from this website:

  5. Your waterlilies are lovely and your oakhaven owl are all cute and looking great.

  6. Beautiful stitching Donna. I have that water lily pattern but have never started it. It looks like it would take forever.
    I'm also doing the Oak Haven SAL-isn't it fun?

  7. Thanks Donna. I've got it now. Much appreciated!!

  8. visit for great patterns