Sunday, 26 June 2011

Morning Projects: Update Ten (Dandelion), Dolphins: Update One and I'm a WINNER (Yiphee!!!)

Here is my latest morning project, a small beaded dandelion.  This was an online freebie but it no longer seems to be available on the site I got it from so I can't link to it.  This only took one hour to stitch up and for such a seeming odd subject matter for cross stitch I think it turned out really well and the beads look great on it.  It was also an excuse to test out my Polstitches fabric that I wrote about in an earlier post.  I am really impressed with the fabric, it was so soft and pleasant to use and looks brilliant.

Details (Dandelion):

Material:  28 count hand-dyed blue evenweave
Threads:  DMC six-stranded regular cotton
Beads:  Mill Hill Beads

Next up is the new start I mentioned in my last post that replaced the Whale and Dolphin Sampler.  It is another picture of dolphins (because I LOVE them!!) but this time it is a more photographic piece.  In total it is made up of fifteen pages and will be a total of 29,200 stitches.  Here is a photo of the first page completed.  I have now moved back to my fractal bookmark which is only a partial page so should not take very look to complete:

Details (Dolphins):

Material:  28 count white evenweave
Threads:  Recommended DMC six-stranded regular cotton
Size:  200 stitches by 146 stitches (15 pages)

I saw these the other day and just had to buy one.  I have been using it ever since.  I am always forgetting where I placed my needle and this will eliminate it.  Here it is on my wrist:

A couple of days ago I had an email:

Hi Donna

Just a quick email to say congratulations.  You're the winner of the medium finishes prize for the photo competition.  The prize was a £7 off your next purchase coupon, just enter this code at the checkout: (CODE REMOVED) if there are any problems with it drop me an email (sometimes the codes can go a little awry!),

Happy stitching


Dawn Munday

The Crafty Kitten

I was sooooo excited, I am not a lucky person so this was a fantastic surprise.  I couldn't wait to spend it because I LOVE the site so I ordered a big piece of fabric called Mulberry Swirl.  I will be stalking the postman until it arrives.

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  1. Mulberry Swirl sounds lovely. I can't wait to see it. Your dandelion looks really realistic!! And Dolphins looks good too. Keep up the great work!