Thursday, 2 June 2011

Morning Projects: Update Eight, Sunflower Teddy

So this is my latest finish from my morning's stitching.  This was a freebie from Debbie Cripps' website that I fell in love with.  The teddy is so cute and was a breeze to stitch up.  I used some of the sky blue fabric that I got in my Polstitches grab bag.  I am very impressed with the fabric, it was so soft to use:


Material:  28 count blue hand-dyed evenweave
Threads:  regular DMC six-stranded cotton
Designer:  Debbie Cripps

I also bought the latest copy of CrossStitcher magazine.  I don't normally buy magazines anymore but I was in Sainsbury's and I saw that it had an extra free pattern that I have wanted for ages:  'KEEP CALM AND CROSS STITCH'.  I am so excited to start this one but I won't be doing it right away because I want to continue plugging away at my computer charts.  

It won't be long now until I finish off the latest page in my rotation, page two of Waterlilies.  It would have been finished by now but I have gotten carry away organising my stash supplies.  At least now I know exactly what I have, embarrassingly, I had forgotten just how much I have (that's if it is possible to have too much!!!!!).

I also just wanted to thank everyone who has been commenting on my blog lately.  I have had some really nice comments that I really appreciate.


  1. Wonderful finish! Such a cute design as well.

    I've been debating on whether or not to start buying cross stitch magazines. I have so much stuff to work on already that I know I don't really *need* any more, but some of the things in there are so cute! I'm glad you found something you really wanted to work on.

  2. So cute! You know, I've been also doing morning stitches these past few days, even just on small portions, and it felt good to see some progress even so little.

    Love all your finishes :-)