Monday, 20 June 2011


I am so upset.  Today some new cottons arrived for another project I was kitting up.  Whilst winding them onto bobbins I noticed that DMC 535 looked different to the colour that I had on the bobbin in my bobbin box.  The realisation then hit me that I had put the wrong colour on the bobbin.  Upon closer research I have worked out that I had put 535 onto a plastic bobbin labelled 524 and vice versa.  I'm gutted because this means that on my HAED I have used the wrong threads.  I will now have to unpick all of 524 and 535 previously stitched and replace them with the right colours.  That is going to be a nightmare because of all the confetti in the design.  Sometimes there is just one stitch in amongst a load of others.  I hope unpicking goes alright.  I am really quite upset about it.


  1. Oh, no. I'm so sorry you have to frog. Good luck getting it all out okay!

  2. I hope your frogging will go smoothly. Wish I could help :-)