Sunday, 26 June 2011

Morning Projects: Update Ten (Dandelion), Dolphins: Update One and I'm a WINNER (Yiphee!!!)

Here is my latest morning project, a small beaded dandelion.  This was an online freebie but it no longer seems to be available on the site I got it from so I can't link to it.  This only took one hour to stitch up and for such a seeming odd subject matter for cross stitch I think it turned out really well and the beads look great on it.  It was also an excuse to test out my Polstitches fabric that I wrote about in an earlier post.  I am really impressed with the fabric, it was so soft and pleasant to use and looks brilliant.

Details (Dandelion):

Material:  28 count hand-dyed blue evenweave
Threads:  DMC six-stranded regular cotton
Beads:  Mill Hill Beads

Next up is the new start I mentioned in my last post that replaced the Whale and Dolphin Sampler.  It is another picture of dolphins (because I LOVE them!!) but this time it is a more photographic piece.  In total it is made up of fifteen pages and will be a total of 29,200 stitches.  Here is a photo of the first page completed.  I have now moved back to my fractal bookmark which is only a partial page so should not take very look to complete:

Details (Dolphins):

Material:  28 count white evenweave
Threads:  Recommended DMC six-stranded regular cotton
Size:  200 stitches by 146 stitches (15 pages)

I saw these the other day and just had to buy one.  I have been using it ever since.  I am always forgetting where I placed my needle and this will eliminate it.  Here it is on my wrist:

Monday, 20 June 2011


I am so upset.  Today some new cottons arrived for another project I was kitting up.  Whilst winding them onto bobbins I noticed that DMC 535 looked different to the colour that I had on the bobbin in my bobbin box.  The realisation then hit me that I had put the wrong colour on the bobbin.  Upon closer research I have worked out that I had put 535 onto a plastic bobbin labelled 524 and vice versa.  I'm gutted because this means that on my HAED I have used the wrong threads.  I will now have to unpick all of 524 and 535 previously stitched and replace them with the right colours.  That is going to be a nightmare because of all the confetti in the design.  Sometimes there is just one stitch in amongst a load of others.  I hope unpicking goes alright.  I am really quite upset about it.

Morning Projects: Update Nine (Labrador)

So I have another finish.  This time it is a morning project that I was working on all last week.  It is so detailed for such a small project.  The shading is really effective.  I got the design off the internet but I am not sure where.  Edited:  Just found it from the CrossStitcher Website, here is the link:  Golden Labrador


Material:  28 count white evenweave
Threads:  DMC regular six-stranded cotton (converted from the recommended anchor threads)
Designer:  Anchor

Friday, 17 June 2011

Whale And Dolphin Sampler: Update Three and FINISH!!!!!

As promised I have a finish!!!  It didn't take long because it was only a small section.  I completed this yesterday and just LOVE it.  Overall although I love the finished article I must say the pattern was a bit of a nightmare.  There were quite a few errors in it that I adjusted for but nevermind, the finished article was worth it.  Here are the piccys:

The section I was working on:

And the piece as a whole:

Monday, 13 June 2011

Cross Stitch Crazy Wizard: Update Three (Already!!!!!)

I can't believe I am already updating the next page finished in my rotation.  I have had a lot of stitching time over the weekend and the third page of the wizard only took four days to complete!!!.  In fairness approx. thirty percent was half stitches but still I am gobsmacked at how fast I stitched it up.  I can't wait for it to come around next in my rotation because then I get to stitch the face of the wizard and to the side of him there is a castle that I am looking forward to stitching!!

Here is the section I was working on:

And the piece as a whole so far:

This evening I am going to be starting on the next project in my rotation, the Whale and Dolphin Sampler.  I will be stitching this one until completion as there is not much left to do. I think I will be finished by the weekend.  After the sampler is completed I will be adding another piece to my rotation.  I have decided to add another dolphin picture that I bought off a vendor on ebay.  I can't seem to add a picture but it is a photograph of dolphins under the sea.  I am so excited to start this one which I think will enhance the speed that I finish the sampler as well!!!!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Waterlilies: Update Two and Oakhaven Owl 2011 SAL: Update Two

I have finished the next page in my Waterlilies design.  I LOVE this picture, it really is turning out lovely.  The picture has a real photographic quality to it despite the fact that it is made up of large chunks of colour.  

Here is a close up of the page I worked on:

And as a whole so far:

I have also finished the next owl in the Oakhaven Owl 2011 SAL.  The June owl has turned out really well but then they are all soooo cute.  I think my favourite is the April Owl so far because I LOVE the hat.  My next favourites are then the June and the March Owls as I really like the design of the June owl and the pot of gold carried by the leprechaun owl:

The June Owl:


And all together:

Next up is the next section of my Cross Stitch Crazy Wizard.  It seems like an age since I was working on this picture, therefore I am really excited to be stitching it again.  I have also started a new morning project just this morning.  I can't put a completed picture up because I only have a chart but it is a small design of a labrador.  I think it will look really good as some of the shading is very subtle which should enhance the final look of the piece.  Happy Stitching everybody!!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Morning Projects: Update Eight, Sunflower Teddy

So this is my latest finish from my morning's stitching.  This was a freebie from Debbie Cripps' website that I fell in love with.  The teddy is so cute and was a breeze to stitch up.  I used some of the sky blue fabric that I got in my Polstitches grab bag.  I am very impressed with the fabric, it was so soft to use:


Material:  28 count blue hand-dyed evenweave
Threads:  regular DMC six-stranded cotton
Designer:  Debbie Cripps

I also bought the latest copy of CrossStitcher magazine.  I don't normally buy magazines anymore but I was in Sainsbury's and I saw that it had an extra free pattern that I have wanted for ages:  'KEEP CALM AND CROSS STITCH'.  I am so excited to start this one but I won't be doing it right away because I want to continue plugging away at my computer charts.  

It won't be long now until I finish off the latest page in my rotation, page two of Waterlilies.  It would have been finished by now but I have gotten carry away organising my stash supplies.  At least now I know exactly what I have, embarrassingly, I had forgotten just how much I have (that's if it is possible to have too much!!!!!).

I also just wanted to thank everyone who has been commenting on my blog lately.  I have had some really nice comments that I really appreciate.