Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cactus Plant

This is a small project that I stitched up over the weekend.  It is a card kit that I found it the bottom of a basket of old kits in my LNS.  I wasn't expecting much from the kit, I just wanted something I could stitch whilst out and about, but it has turned out really nice:


Material:  18 count cream aida
Threads:  DMC six-stranded regular cotton
Designer:  Design Works Crafts

Happy Stitching Everybody!!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

HAED Christmas Tree and Animals: Update Five and Oakhaven Owl 2011 SAL: Update One

So I have finally finished the next part of my HAED.  It took a very long time because of all the confetti in the edge of the tree.  There are just two parts to go now on this design and I am excited to see it finished as I think it will look better once it is all done.  I think the problem I have with this design is that the background hasn't been removed correctly (it was only a freebie).  Everything seems to have a cream border which looks a bit odd but I think that originally all of the spaces must have been filled in with this colour.  If this was the case I think the design would look a whole lot better.  As it is I am liking it more the more I stitch on it:

The section I have been working on:

And the piece as a whole so far:

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been taking part in a SAL via the Oakhaven yahoo group.  I have finally caught up with the months and am now up-to-date.  I LOVE these little owls they are soooooo cute and I can't wait for the next release:


Designer:  Tonia Pappan, Oakhaven Designs
Material:  28 count green evenweave
Threads:  Regular six-stranded DMC cottons

The piece as a whole so far:

and each separate month so far:

Now I have finally finished the HAED section I can move on to the next piece in my rotation which is the second page of Waterlilies which shouldn't take as long because it has nice big chunks of colour.  Thanks for reading and Happy Stitching everybody!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Beautiful Stash!!!!!

I just had to post these pictures.  I received in the post today my first ever Polstitches grab bag of fabric.  I ordered the evenweave option and I am amazed at what I received (and only for £7.50!!).  Not only that but I got the items the day after I ordered them.  The fabrics are beautiful, and I was really pleased with the size of the fabrics.  They were not small pieces but larger chunks as well.  I have already kitted up a couple of projects as I just can't wait to use them.  However, I will be patient and not start using them until after I have finished the May owl of the Oakhaven SAL I mentioned in my last post.  Enough stalling here are the piccys:

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Time For Tea!!!

I still am taking a break from my rotation and worked on this small design that I have had saved on my computer for ages.  I stitched it on the hand-dyed tea fabric that I wrote about in an earlier post.  I love the detail in this and think the french knots in the tea-leaf shaker? (not sure what it is called) looks really good.  I feel quite confident when doing french knots now.  The pink flowers add to the design since they stop it looking too muted with their burst of colour right in the middle.


Name:  Tea
Designer:  Barbara Ana
Threads:  Six-Stranded DMC regular cotton
Fabric:  28 count evenweave, hand-dyed in tea by myself
Dimensions:  66 stitches wide by 59 stitches high

I have also just found out about the wonders of Yahoo groups and have joined in on a SAL from one group called Oakhaven Designs.  Each month there is a design of a different owl and they are soooo cute.  Since it is obviously May, I have had a few months to catch up with.  I am just finishing off May and will hopefully post an update on it tomorrow.  Happy Stitching Everybody!!!