Saturday, 2 April 2011

Wizard: Update Two and Whale and Dolphin Sampler: Update Two

The last two weeks I have been working on completing a page each of my Wizard and Whale and Dolphin Sampler.  They are both so fun to stitch, the colouring of the wizard is soo bright and cheery and the individual animals of the sampler mean that you get a 'mini' finish quite quickly.

Having completed this means that I have now gone through my rotation twice round in full and I have to say that I LOVE working using this method.  It is making my larger projects just fly by, and stops me putting things to one side when the harder or more laborious parts of a piece occur.  The next time around I will be finishing the Whale and Dolphin sampler and I have been thinking about what to add to my rotation to replace it.  I am thinking of doing either another freebie fractal bookmark (there is a black and white one that I have saved on my computer that is LOVELY) or a dolphin picture that I bought off a vendor on ebay.  I will have plenty of time to decide though as I have alot of sewing before I get to that stage.

Now I am off to start page three of Fractal Bookmark 268.  I am really looking forward to this because I love how it is turning out and I like blue (and green) colours.  This will take much longer than the last page as it is a full one and there is LOTS of confetti in it so my next update will probably be a partial page rather then waiting for a complete page picture as that might take a few weeks.

Anyway enough yapping, here are the pics.

First a close up of the wizard section I completed:

Here's a piccy of what I have completed so far.  I decided to do the bottom to leave the page with the face of the wizard and a castle till last:

The second section of the Whale and Dolphin sampler:

And the piece in whole so far:

Happy Stitching!!!!!


  1. The colours on your wizard are lovely...very bright and cheerful.
    The whale and dolphin sampler looks lovelt too. It's a great feeling to finish off a part of the sampler, it makes you feel like your getting there quicker!

  2. I love the whale and dolphin sampler. Such a cute design and your stitching is so neat :-)