Friday, 29 April 2011

Sunny Stitching on the beach!!

Yesterday I spent some time on one of our local beaches and for the first time I took some stitching with me.  It was only a small mouseloft kit but it is so cute!!! I have also been playing around with my computer photo program and blurred the edges.  I think it looks good.


Material:  14 count cream aida
Cottons:  supplied in kit
Designer:  Mouseloft

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fractal Bookmark 268: Update Three and Meerkats !!!

I have finished page three of this bookmark finally!!!  It is looking really good but there was a lot of confetti so it took a while.  I am really impressed with this pattern, apart from the fact that it is something completely different, the pattern itself is really easy to follow.  I was worried with all the colour changes that it might be a bit confusing to read but each symbol is completely different so mistakes have been minimal.  

Page Three Finished:

And as a whole so far:

After I finished this I decided to take a break from my rotation and completed a mini kit that I bought from the Johnsons Craft website.  I took advantage of the beautiful weather and sat outside sewing this kit as lugging my larger pieces outside would have been a hassle.  This kit took no time at all to stitch up, and although I was sweltering in the heat I managed to complete it in a few hours.  I know I say this alot but I LOVE it.  I am a sucker for the meerkat adverts in the UK for and this pattern sums it up perfectly.

In the evenings I have returned to my rotation and have moved onto the fourth (and because it is a very partial page five) page of my HAED Christmas design.  I am still unsure of how I feel about this piece, to me it looks like a blurred photograph but I am persevering and made a good start so should be updating with a picture of the full pages pretty soon.  Happy Stitching Everybody!!!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Morning Projects: Update Seven (Plaid Sheep)

Here is a morning project that I finished the cross stitch on a few weeks ago but didn't have the beads to complete it with.  It was a freebie from this site.  I really like the finish and think that the beads make the eyes of the sheep 'pop':


Material:  28 count cream linen
Threads:  DMC Regular Six-Stranded Cotton
Designer:  Casey Buonaugurio
Dimensions:  48 stitches by 39 stitches

Friday, 8 April 2011

Morning Projects: Update Six (Whatever)

This is my first Lizzie Kate design and I LOVE it.  I stitched it on the last of my Strawberry Sorbet fabric from The Crafty Kitten.  I even decided to add the button embellishment that was suggested on the pattern. It's a button from Just Another Button Company that I ordered from 123  The button is really cute and I think it really adds to the picture:


Material:  Strawberry Sorbet 27 count Linda from The Crafty Kitten
Threads:  DMC Regular Six-stranded cotton
Designer:  Lizzie Kate
Dimensions:  61 stitches by 29 stitches

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Wizard: Update Two and Whale and Dolphin Sampler: Update Two

The last two weeks I have been working on completing a page each of my Wizard and Whale and Dolphin Sampler.  They are both so fun to stitch, the colouring of the wizard is soo bright and cheery and the individual animals of the sampler mean that you get a 'mini' finish quite quickly.

Having completed this means that I have now gone through my rotation twice round in full and I have to say that I LOVE working using this method.  It is making my larger projects just fly by, and stops me putting things to one side when the harder or more laborious parts of a piece occur.  The next time around I will be finishing the Whale and Dolphin sampler and I have been thinking about what to add to my rotation to replace it.  I am thinking of doing either another freebie fractal bookmark (there is a black and white one that I have saved on my computer that is LOVELY) or a dolphin picture that I bought off a vendor on ebay.  I will have plenty of time to decide though as I have alot of sewing before I get to that stage.

Now I am off to start page three of Fractal Bookmark 268.  I am really looking forward to this because I love how it is turning out and I like blue (and green) colours.  This will take much longer than the last page as it is a full one and there is LOTS of confetti in it so my next update will probably be a partial page rather then waiting for a complete page picture as that might take a few weeks.

Anyway enough yapping, here are the pics.

First a close up of the wizard section I completed:

Here's a piccy of what I have completed so far.  I decided to do the bottom to leave the page with the face of the wizard and a castle till last:

The second section of the Whale and Dolphin sampler:

And the piece in whole so far:

Happy Stitching!!!!!