Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wizard: Update One

This has been a real quick stitch.  There are no real pages per se with this design but I am splitting it into five sections, four cross stitch sections and then metallics, beads and backstitch.  The first update is therefore of the first cross/half stitch section.  Part of the reason this was so quick to stitch is that most of this section is half stitch but I am really excited about this project it looks really good so far.  I also have a photo of what it will look like finished:


Material:  28 count cream evenweave
Threads:  DMC regular cotton
Designer:  from Cross Stitch Crazy


  1. This is an interesting design Donna! And I envy you for doing it on 28count. How I wish can do my projects on 28 counts or above but my eyes will be very strained.

    Will wait for your progress on this :-)


  2. Thanks, it is really fun to stitch and I can't wait to get back to it. The piece is really colourful and there is plenty of blingy gold thread to come. I am leaving that to last though because I don't want to damage the metallic with the frame, Thanks for your kind words, Donna